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Saturday, February 21, 2009


Great News! Mega Sales is here!

To appreciate the support from all of you,

we are giving discounts for all the items in the shop! :)

Besides, we are starting to award points to

all the customers who have spent money in our shops.

These points can be accumulated to get more

discounts in the future! Sounds great isn't it? =)

Happy shopping in Le Vampy!!

Accumulation of Points

As written above, customers who spent money in Le Vampy will get 1 point for

every RM1 they spent here (excluding SHIPPING fees).

These accumulated points can be used to get a rebate of RM5 for each

200 points accumulated. =)


1) Spider - 137pts

2) Kok Hoo's Sister - 54pts

3) Chiew Han - 35pts

4) Eva - 86pts

5) Vincent - 35pts

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

♥ Valentine's Day Offer : Puzzle of My Heart ♥

Valentine is somewhere around the corner!

Have you get a present for your beloved one yet?

Oh well, if you haven't, we have a

special offer for you at Le Vampy now!

We are recommending this pair of gorgeous necklace for

you and your darling this Valentine's!

This pair of "Puzzle of My Heart" necklace

is made of stainless steel and it is

really lovely to be worn by both

you and your beloved one.

What's more, we are now offering

a rebate of RM8
for the pair of necklace!

And, guess what? A free, lovely gift box

is included for the pair of

lovely necklace in conjunction

of Valentine's Day promotion! :D

Guys and girls, tell me where can you

get such a great deal besides Le Vampy? =P

So, come on and grab this pair of

Puzzle of My Heart necklace now. ;)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Collection 3

Hey babes!

We are back after a bunch of celebrations! :)

Well, this time, we are here to offer you all

a collection of gorgeous dresses.

As for babes who crave for blouses, no worries

'coz we have added in more blouses

such as kimono inspired blouses into this collection of ours.

So, what are you all waiting for?

Flip through our album and take a look at the

gorgeous dresses made available just for you now. ;)

*P/S: We have only 1 piece of stock

in hand for every of the unique dresses.

So, better hurry up and get what you want babes. =)

Click here to access Collection 3's album : Collection 3


1) Wholesale Women Dress 3679 (White) - SOLD

Out of Stock!

2) Wholesale Dress 3408 (Red) - SOLD

Out of Stock!

3) Wholesale Japanese Dress 3595 (Blue)- SOLD

Out of Stock!

4) Wholesale Korean Dress 3623 (Black) - SOLD

Out of Stock!

5) Wholesale Dress 3408 (Blue) - SOLD

Out of Stock!

6) Kimono Inspired Blouse 2333 (Blue) - SOLD

Out of Stock!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Collection 2

Hey there again fashion savviers! :)

We are back with the brand new necklace collection~

There are all sorts of necklace ups for grab!

Most of them are made from pure stainless steel

while a few of them are made from rhinestone!

These necklaces are very eye-catching and they are definitely

a must-have fashion accessory! Pair them up with your

clothes to look more elegant/fashion-savvy!

Or maybe, you can get them as x'mas pressie / birthday gift

for your friends/family or perhaps, your other-half. :)

So, what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself before it is too late.

Note: Limited stock available. Hurry up before it's out of stock! *winks*

Click here to access to Collection 2's album : Collection 2

1) NCSTA-0017 - SOLD

Out of Stock!

2) NCSTA-0026 - SOLD

Out of Stock!

3) NCSTA-0012


Collection 1

Hey babes!

X'mas and new year are around the corner.

Have you bought your new clothes yet?

Well, if you haven't, this is a great chance for you to do so!

Grab these simple yet beautiful and elegant imported casual wear

before it's too late!! ;)

Click here to access to Collection 1's album : Collection 1


1) T-1343 Chiffon Ruffles Shape-Up Simple Sexy Blouse (Violet)

Left ONE !!

2) J-0353 Chic & Vogue Wide Hem Pullover Jacket (Black)

Left ONE !!

Great News : Purchase With Purchase!

Hey there babes and dudes!


There is a great news and we want to share it with you all!


Purchase With Purchase is now available in Le Vampy Fashion House!


Okay, let us explain how it works.


Well, you buy any of the clothes here, and you get 10% off for any of the


necklaces! Sounds great huh? Buy one and you get rebate for the other item.

听起来不错吧? 对,就是购买任何一件衣物就可以得到折扣了。

However, for now, the discount is only applicable to necklaces.


We will work some other promotions out for you guys later on alright? =)

我们会在迟些推出更多的减价活动,好吗? =)

So, grab your favourite clothes and pick your favourite necklace now! *winkies*

现在,您必须快点行动了噢~ ;)

Good News!!

Hey to all of you fashion-savviers!


We have a great news to share with you all~


To thank all of you for purchasing items in Le Vampy Fashion House,


every purchase made in Le Vampy Fashion Shop (regardless of the amount)


will be entitled to a mystery free gift! In addition, shoppers who purchase goods


total up to RM150 and above will receive a special d.i.y gift from us as a token


of appreciation as well! So, what are you guys and girls waiting for? Do not waste

您还在等什么呢? 赶快行动了!别浪费这机会噢!

this opportunity~ Hurry up and grab your favourite items now! ;)


Le Vampy Fashion House

Hey babes and dudes!

We are here at blogger now! :)

Well, a brief self-introducing session first.

Le Vampy Fashion House is a retailer

selling Korean and Japanese fashion clothing and

we sell necklaces such as stainless steel necklaces

and rhinestone necklaces as well. We offer some of

the best options in an affordable price. We look forward

to serve customers who are really sincere in trading

with us. For more inquiries, kindly e-mail us at

http://le-vampy.webs.com~ We will be pleased

to answer your enquiries. ;)